Inovata Foods | Production
Inovata Foods has two CFIA inspected SQF certified manufacturing facilities totalling 140,000 sq. ft.
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Inovata Foods has two CFIA inspected SQF certified manufacturing facilities totalling 140,000 sq. ft. Each facility has state of the art depositors, kettles, volumetric fillers, mixing equipment, spiral freezers and automatic packaging equipment.

The machines extrude and cook dozens of shapes of fresh pasta and make limitless varieties of sauce. The lines at both facilities are capable of running CPET, PET, paperboard and aluminum trays and bowls. They can be packaged in shrink wrap, flow wrap, sleeves and retail cartons with or without windows.


Our eastern plant is located 100 miles from the USA border in Tillsonburg, ON. This facility has 95,000 sq. ft. of SQF Level 3 manufacturing space.

Our western plant which is located in Edmonton, Alberta has a total of 45,000 sq. ft. of SQF Level 2 manufacturing space.

95000 sq ft.

Tillsonburg Plant

45000 sq ft.

Edmonton Plant



95 Spruce Street Tillsonburg Ontario (100 miles from US Border)

12803 149th Street, Edmonton Alberta

Plant Type:

Frozen food manufacturing (Tillsonburg Plant)

Frozen food manufacturing (Edmonton Plant)

Production Square Feet:

95,000 sq.ft. (Tillsonburg Plant)

45000 sq.ft. (Edmonton Plant)

CFIA (USDA Equivalent):

Full time on site inspectors (Tillsonburg Plant)

Full time on site inspectors (Edmonton Plant)

Food Safety:

GFSI (SQF Level 3), HACCP (Tillsonburg Plant)

GFSI (SQF Level 2), HACCP (Edmonton Plant)


R&D Information


On site culinary and innovation team

Recipe Matching:

Nutritional, taste and texture matching capabilities

New Product Development:

Internationally inspired new product development team


Capabilities & Equipment

Filling Equipment:

Hinds-Bock piston fillers, traveling head depositors, volumetric fillers, various scales

Mixing Equipment:

Ribbon blenders, tossed

Cooling Equipment:

Heat exchangers, dimple tubes, CO2 injection

Cooking Equipment:

Lyco corkscrew blanchers with cooling and dewatering, jacketed kettles

Extruding Equipment:

Continuous pasta extruding with various dies

Food Safety and Quality Equipment:

X-Ray and metal detection. Various Ishida checkweighers capable of production statistics

Freezing Equipment:

Multiple Spiral Freezers


Production Lines

Single Serve Lines:

Plastic or paperboard trays

Double Decker Line:

Capable of producing various double decker single serve products

Multiserve Lines:

Plastic, paperboard, aluminum trays and pans


Retail carton, retail sleeve, lidding

Custom pallet and case configurations