Inovata Foods | Introduction
Inovata Foods is North America’s premier manufacturer of private label and co-packed frozen entrees for retail, club store and food service.
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Inovata Foods is North America’s premier manufacturer of private label and co-packed frozen entrees for retail, club store and food service. We specialize in a wide variety of global cuisine ranging from Italian to Indian. Our two production facilities and multiple high speed lines provide Inovata Foods with single serve unit capabilities up to 6 lbs. We offer value to our customers through manufacturing excellence, innovative R&D, professionalism and competitive pricing models.


It is our mission to be North America’s preferred supplier of quality consumer meals. We strive to exceed customer expectations while upholding our core values of honesty, respect, innovation and integrity.


Inovata Foods has strong capabilities in a wide range of areas. If another manufacturer can provide more value, Inovata Foods will happily refer the business.


Inovata Foods extensively invests in R&D to provide customers with new products. Part of this investment is seen through Inovata's Innovation Kitchen.


The utmost respect is given to all of our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, the environment and the government.


Inovata Foods was founded with strong moral principles and continues to prioritize them. Integrity is apparent in all of our actions.


When choosing a supplier partner, it is important to ensure they meet certain criteria. This criteria includes having the right production capabilities, ability to provide uninterrupted supply and the possession of third party food safety and quality certifications.


Since 1989 we have remained highly adaptable to changing circumstances due to our management structure. We’re able to ensure that all customer requests are given the attention they deserve and receive one point of contact from ideation through to commercialization. This ensures customers are able to receive answers they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.


Simply put, Inovata Foods’ name speaks for itself. The transparency stems from our innovation center that focuses on developing exceptional recipes. In addition to recipe innovation, Inovata Foods Corp. holds multiple packaging patents for unique and marketable single serve trays ranging in size. We’re able to customize our products to meet your needs.


Inovata Foods can develop completely new products with customers or match an existing item. Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to work closely with customers and partners to determine and produce their needs. Whether that need is specific or general, large or small, we’re able to provide a cost-effective and time friendly solution.


Inovata Foods Corp has similar plants on opposite sides of North America. This means that national customers can benefit from production splitting, ultimately resulting in reduced freight and lower FOB prices. In addition to being cost-effective, having varied plant locations allows Inovata Foods to ship to and supply clients quickly.